Thursday, September 02, 2004

grape skin

yesterday, these two off-yellow bird skeletons lit on my window sill and sang a song to me about some big, fat grapes weighing down a vine. the vine, as it happened, was directly out side of my bedroom, so i went to pick the grapes. i had to climb out the window of my laundry room to get to the area of the yard where the vine was, and while doing so i caught the skin of my arm on a nail. maybe if i had noticed this happen i would still have had my skin on by the time i reached the grape vine. but, as it happened, i was without my skin. all the inside stuff fell out of me and i was just a skeleton there, with two little skeleton birds and an over-laden grape vine. together, the four of us sang our favorite song about tall mountains and quiet skies while making new coverings from the grapes for our chilly skeletons. the birds confessed to me that what they had really intended by luring me out of my room was to get me to make skin for them and sing a song about that. they were sorry that i lost my own skin and fillings in the process and hoped that i wouldn't harbor a grudge against them. i told them that it was perfectly fine with me and that i had been looking for some new skin any way.